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Kuba Sieńczyk - bass, FX, voices, harmonica, clappers, whistles
Michał Zawadzki - drums, voices, trumpets, megaphone, rattles, ukulele
Łukasz Krzywicki - guitars, FX, voices, ukulele, rattles, whistle

UDA ("Thighs") - one of the most colorful and intriguing Polish groups.

Band has been founded in late Autumn of 2009 in Kraków. Soon the band became local sensation and went off for tours all over Poland gaining wide recognition, positive feedback and reviews.

UDAąs music can be described as surrealistic mix of fusion jazz, rock and psychodelia.
Blending sophisticated music structures with surprising yet soulful improvisations and a lot of humor.
Trio's music drifts freely between fusion/free jazz, psychodelia, oriental and a bit insane postmodern space rock. Whatever it is - during the live performances it results in highly energetic rollercoaster ride and unforgettable show.

Acclaimed by critics & audiences, is a must-see live band.

UDA has recorded three LP's:

- Hurtownia przebiśniegów ("Snowdrops warehouse", 2010)
- Witaj pokarmie ("Hail you, repast", 2011)
- Łowy kraby ("Crab hunt") 2013 - with guest appearances by Krzysztof Ścierański, Apostolis Anthimos and Marcin Gałażyn (Motion Trio)

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UDA played hundreds of gigs all over Poland. Also supporting international and Polish superstars like Uriah HeepAcid Drinkers, Anthimos Apostolis (SBB), Pink Freud, Wojciech Mazolewski or Pogodno.

Band also performed music for silent movies, such as 

- "The General" (dir. Buster Keaton, 1926) 
- "October" (dir. Sergei Eisenstein, 1928)
- "Silent movie" (dir. Mel Brooks, 1978)

and produced the soundtrack for short movie: "Road To Ladakh (dir. Zenka Pierożkow)

Some reviews:

Let them take us for their psychodelic trip. Especially that their technical skills are undoubted.

Jazz Forum

Take a bit of Zappa, pinch of Primus, a little Mr. Bungle and Kury, add a portion of Jazz Fusion and you will be able to see an overall picture of UDA's new album. All crazy ideas from "Łowy Kraby' album could well be enough for couple of other records.

Teraz Rock

The main point about this music seems to be to offer something quite "different", and different it is. Mixing virtually every style and genre known to man.
Overall, in spite of the apparent chaos and mayhem, there seems to be a hidden sense behind all this façade of "we don't give a damn".
Polish Jazz

Such form of heavy improvised rock, played with humor and youthful kick is exceptional in Poland.

Życie Warszawy

Very rarely am I excited about such young bands. In this case however I can say it is a local phenomenon.

Whatever label we'd like to attach to UDA's music, either we call it avangarde jazz or postmodern rock we will not be wrong. What we have here is a very vivid transmission which in Polish music scene is one of a very few positive exceptions.

"Witaj Pokarmie (Hail You Repast, 2012)" is 35 minutes of jazzrock madness, cowboy-like progressive music, jazz-soaked hardrock noise and psychodelic trips in the style of the early Pink Floyd. Perfectly tuned band jumps from one style to another creating their own style with only one rule - NO RULES.


The trio gives us a crazy ride in the form of all style, rock-based compositions. Label is irrelevant. What counts is the effect, and UDA does that exceptionally.

Uwolnij Muzykę

UDA can be easily compared to Pink Freud or Something Like Elvis. however I wouldn't want to put them into one specific drawer, that is clrearly impossible. I must admit, Cracow's trio enchanted me.


Great album and great musicians. We are witnessing a group emerging from Cracow's underground that can sell out most renowned music clubs in Poland and abroad in the very near future.

Just listen to "Hurtownia Przebiśniegów (Snowdrops Warehouse, 2010) and you will see that even in Poland it is possible to play on world class level. Jazz tones, rock & funky drive and unlimited freedom are the ingredients of UDA's music. This is a band to be looked at, as they can advance to Premier League very fast, with their albums standing as road signs for others.


UDA's second album is a cosmic and surreal recording. But foremost it is very corageous. Łukasz Krzywicki, Kuba Sieńczyk and Michał Zawadzki created uncommon album which is very far from any standards of popular, rock or any other music.



"Łowy kraby" - 2013

Uda -Łowy kraby 2013


Physical copies here: uda.band@gmail.com

"Witaj pokarmie" - 2012

Uda - Witaj pokarmie 2012

Physical copies here: uda.band@gmail.com

"Hurtownia przebiśniegów" - 2010

Uda - Hurtownia przebiśniegów 2010

Physical copies here: uda.band@gmail.com



UDA on "KSM#1" 2011 Compilation


Uda on "Space Of Sound" vol. 1, Magnetoffon


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